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With offices in Asia, Stingray Imports has a "boots on the ground" advantage. Our professional staff in these offices have the knowledge and experience to manage any type of manufacturing project. From CAD drawings to final quality control, our staff will manage it all. In addition to this advantage our executives routinely travel to affiliate manufacturing facilities located throughout Asia, Vietnam, India and other countries to oversee the production of various projects.

When outsourcing your manufacturing we understand customer experience is everything. There are significant cultural differences when working with foreign countries. Unique business etiquette and strict governmental regulations are some of the obstacles we routinely face. It takes years of patience to establish and build trust and to have consistent success.

Our turnkey platform brings your project to reality. From your concept we are able to develop designs and molds to make a working sample. Our team will oversee production, inspection, and delivery of your products in a timely manner. Best of all you can do it without leaving your office! That's the Stingray Imports advantage.

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